To seal a bottle, grasp the larger diameter portion of the stopper and press down on the top of the bottle. That will seal the bottle. To remove the stopper, press down on the top of the stopper. This stopper will not work on bottles with screw caps.

The lotion pump has a built-in locking and sealing feature. By twisting the lotion pump top clock-wise it will lock and seal. Be careful to not twist too hard. Twist only until it stops twisting. By twisting the lotion pump top counterclockwise a quarter turn it will unlock and unseal and you are able to dispense product. It is recommended that you lock and seal your lotion pump tops before closing and transporting your LuxePak.

Our site is under construction on the back end. Right now we are responding directly with distributors to get them what they need, such as pricing. Our new website, when it’s done will be much easier to navigate as a distributor.

We are not on Amazon or any other sites. We DO NOT brand for the consumer. Anything that needs customization goes through a distributor.

We update our MAPP through email notification.

Our company name shows up on our original LuxePak inside the case. Our V2 & Luxe WinePak do NOT have our company/brand shown anywhere on the product.

We are developing our flyer library and if you need something, we will make it happen. We do have a Zoom catalog, zoom flyer. This can be used by distributors for marketing our PPE-Pak.

Miscellaneous Information

LuxePak components are not dishwasher safe. To clean, wash with warm soapy water.
Luxe WinePak stoppers have not been tested with all wine bottles.
Luxe WinePak is patent pending.
The bottle labels are water resistant. Best to use a Sharpie. Ink will smear with any kind of oil or lotion.
The two pieces for the original LuxePak will unsnap at the hinges for cleaning purposes
The bottle bracket is removal for added storage flexibility or for cleaning.
The net is removable by pulling the four corners off the posts. Be careful not to snap the posts or rip the net.
While the Luxe StashPak does a nice job to contain odors, we do not endorse travel with cannabis products across state lines or in airplanes
Product warranty is 90 days.
ASI #: 68197
PPAI #: 743943
Sage #: 51712

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