Travel Time

Travel Time

Last time we hung out, I said we’d do some traveling.

Hmmmmm…so many trips to choose from. Let’s go to Jamaica!

So, you really can’t get a direct flight from Colorado and that makes for a pretty long travel day. Because of the time on a plane we decided to stop over in Miami for a couple of days to break things up. I can tell you, the best part of that stopover was the hotel pool, the Miami Seaquarium and the AMAZING food. The weather was a little iffy but we made it work.             

Next stop, Negril, Jamaica.

We drove for quite some time from the airport to Negril. I can tell you, it was so worth it. We had reserved a Villa at The Rock House. It was heaven on earth! 

That Time I Traveled without My LuxePak

I was so excited to get to our Villa on the water. It had been a long flight, then a long drive and I was going to get unpacked and go get in that gorgeous ocean. YIKES! I opened my suitcase to find my facial oil AND my shampoo had exploded all over my carefully packed luggage. I had put all my toiletries in my zip top toiletry bag. The bag wasn’t strong enough to handle the altitude of the trip. It ended up being a bit before I could enjoy that deep blue ocean since my bathing suit was covered in oil. Worse, I had a gorgeous new blouse that was ruined.

For my next trip I knew I had to have all my products in a LuxePak. This one got me from Colorado, through Miami, to Negril and back.

    Just kidding! Maybe...

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