About Us

LuxePak™ isn't your average storage solution.

Everything about LuxePak is intentionally designed


    And our product and our customer service are unmatched!


    Dee Dee Niedzwiecki: In Her Own Words:
    Are we in the game, you ask? ABSOLUTELY!! Creating a startup is definitely not easy. If you’ve done it, you get it.
    Our dedication to the continued success of LuxePak is our number one priority.
    Our company commitment is to be hyperfocused on an exceptional product for the money. We continue to provide unsurpassed customer service. Coming from personal experiences and our imagination, we created a line of products to serve everyone based on their travel, storage, and personal needs.
    We have exciting new products on the horizon. Please follow us on our journey as we evolve and continue to create problem-solving innovative products. 


    Our commitment to social responsibility speaks volumes about our integrity.