How do I use the pump top bottle?

The pump top has a built-in locking and sealing feature. Twist clockwise to seal and lock. Do not twist too hard, twist only until it stops. To unlock, twist counterclockwise a quarter of a turn. It is recommended to lock and seal pump tops before closing and transporting.

Are the bottle labels water-resistant?

Yes. It’s best to use a Sharpie for labeling. Any kind of oil or lotion will make the ink smear.  

Are these products dishwasher safe?

No, wash with warm soapy water only. Do not place in dishwasher.

The LuxePak Classic is a two-piece unit that unsnaps at the hinges for cleaning purposes.

The LuxePak Pro is a one-piece unit and does not come apart.

The bottle bracket is removable by squeezing the outer edges and lifting. To reinsert, place one side under the left-hand lip and then snap the other side under the right-hand lip.

The net is removable by lifting each corner individually from the four posts. Be careful not to snap the posts or rip the net.

Is the Pro lockable?

Yes, TSA locks are sold separately on the website. 

Do you sell carabiners?

Yes, carabiners are sold separately on the website.

What are the sizes? 

Classic = 6" x 6" x 2.625" deep

Pro = 6" x 6" x 3.1" deep



How do I use the WinePak wine stopper?

To seal a bottle, grasp the larger diameter portion of the stopper and press it down on the top of the bottle. To remove the stopper, press down on the top of the stopper. Stoppers will not work on bottles with screw caps. Stoppers have not been tested with all wine bottles.

Do you have another way to carry the WinePak?

Yes, we have a shoulder strap available for purchase on the website.

What's the size?

15" x 16" x 6" deep



How do I see wholesaler/distributor pricing?

Our site is currently under construction on the back end. For now, we are responding directly to distributors via the "Distributor Information" tab at the top of the website. Once the new website is done, it will be much easier to navigate as a distributor. 

Do you brand directly for consumers?

No, items needing customization must go through a distributor.

Is your brand name visible on your products?

Our company name is visible on the inside of the Classic case. The Pro and the WinePak DO NOT have our company name on them. 

Do you have customer facing marketing flyers? 

Our customer flyer library is under construction at this time. If materials are needed, contact customersupport@luxepakit.com.



How do I return a damaged product? 

See “Return Policy“ at the bottom of the website.

Do you have a warranty policy?

Yes, see "Warranty" at the bottom of the website.